Event Committee Application (OPEN)

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Event Committee Application (OPEN)

Post by Samsung on Thu Apr 09, 2015 12:57 am

This is currently OPEN!

Hello everyone!

Do you want to help out on Atka, but didn't quite know how? Now's your chance because the Event Committee applications are open!

Here's some things you should know before you apply:

- This is NOT an Administration Position
- Please keep in mind that you need to be 13+
- One Application Per User Per Month

Please fill out the entire application for consideration!
Please also create a new topic with yourname -- Event Committee Application!

Now let's get on with this application, aye?

EC Application!

Chat Username:
Forum Username:

What brings you to join our Event Committee?:

Are you willing to work with several users?:

What are some goals you've succeeded?:

Do you have any skills you could bring to the team?:

What are some events you'd like to see the committee plan?:

How active are you? What time zone are you in?:

Are you able to bring your best abilities to the table and work in a timely fashioned pace?:

Is there anything else we should know about you? If so please state here.

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