Goldey's Commissions of 2015 *OPEN*

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Goldey's Commissions of 2015 *OPEN*

Post by Goldey on Mon May 11, 2015 11:35 am

Goldey's Commission Services
This money will go to my plane ticket cost to go see my sick Grandfather in another state, It would be very much appreciated.

Coming soon~
My TOS, ect.

PM About where to send
Deltas Go To Goldey

Examples are all right here (Link Below)

Price: $7
In Deltas: 1.00Deltas

Price: $8
In Deltas: 2.00 Deltas

Price: $15
in Deltas: 5.00

Extra Character(S): +$2 +1.00 Deltas
Background: +$3 +2.00 Deltas

~Coming Soon~
Character Statues (Will be Shipped!, Its Fragile!)
Game Scenes
Movie Scenes
Show Scenes
Scenes in General
and Much more

Thanks for Considering

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