Musix's Administration Application

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Musix's Administration Application

Post by Musixex on Mon Apr 13, 2015 11:29 pm

Chat username: Musixex
Forum username: Musix
Age: 15

How long have you been apart of chatlands? Since October 2009

Do you have any administration experience? If yes, please explain where, how long and what your duties were. Yes, I was a helper at Outcasts, Rouges, and Loners as Royal for about two-three months. So I was mainly there to learn how to be a proper admin and help people the right way.

Do you have any personal strengths?
My personal strengths include problem solving difficult situations and how to pick out certain qualities in people that I can tell are good and bad. Such as two friends making a huge fuss over nothing in a public room and refuse to end it on their own terms while slowly dragging everyone into their argument. I would just simply ask them to either use the ignore feature on one another or one to leave the room. If the problem continued to happen then I would tell the user who was continuing the problem to please stop since it would be considered harassment.

Administration frequently witness their friends breaking rules, about how would you handle this situation? I frequently know when to turn the friendship on and off when it gets to a serious situation. So I should have no problem telling a friend that they are breaking the rules and will get a few warnings before a kick is mandatory.

Do you feel as if you work well with others? Explain.
I work very well with others. I'm on a team sport at school so working with others comes easy to me. My sport is softball which is a huge communication sport involving on field and personal conversations. I know how to speak to people the proper way when needed. Thanks to my practice in communication in softball I should be able speak with each other well enough.

Are you currently in school or employed?

Why do you feel as if you'd be a fantastic add on to the administration team?
I have some experience already and I'm on frequently enough to uphold everything. Until we get enough users to have an Events Committee team, I have plenty of ideas for the new chatlands when needed as well.

Anything you feel as if we should know about you? Feel free to tell us here!
I can also draw well, so I could be a helper with the ART team as well until we get more members.

How can we reach you?
Deviantart?: Halozz
Kik?:(If personal you may pm) I'll pm
Email?:ill pm
Any other social media? (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. ect): Vine and Twitter is kkdenee


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Re: Musix's Administration Application

Post by Samsung on Tue Apr 14, 2015 11:53 am

Thank you for submitting your application! Your application is currently under review and could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for a decision! Please be patient with us!

Sincerely, Atka Administration Staff

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