DogBreath's Administration Application

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DogBreath's Administration Application

Post by DogBreath on Thu Apr 09, 2015 2:56 am

How long have you been apart of chatlands?
I have been apart of chatlands for 6 years and will continue as i know of now.

Do you have any administration experience? If yes, please explain where, how long and what your duties were.
Yes, I have had administration experience on the following sites, Edge Of Heaven,WolfHome,Land Of Wounder,Imyndun,Heitehu,Timber-Wolves,Willows,Sirens Whisper,Tranquility,Feline Backwoods.

Do you have any personal strengths?
I'm good at settling fights or arrangements over chatlands, I do not get upset easily or angered. I like to come up with new things and ideas

Administration frequently witness their friends breaking rules, about how would you handle this situation?
Friends are friends but this does not mean they have the right to the break rules, our loyalties is to the site to give people a new start fresh turn in making friends that they would have never or could not make back thin, it's not right to treat them differently thin you would other admins who broke the rules.

Do you feel as if you work well with others? Explain.
Yes of course i work well with other's. I love helping people i love talking to users, admins i love making new friends and meeting new people this is the best thing about chatlands is being able to meet new people and talk to friends.

Are you currently in school or employed?
I am now in school i would not say school school, I only come there to take some collage classes they have been giving out lately. I'm in the 11th grade but taking 12th grade classes so this is my last year and it's half way over. After this i plan to take 4 years of collage becoming a Vet on my way up.

Why do you feel as if you'd be a fantastic add on to the administration team?
I can be a huge help to those who need it, I can make sets,Poses,Tri color,Rooms,I can help with deltas. there is also users, i can get them as well. I make up unknow creatures i'm full of ideas waiting to be explored and brought out as influence to all those who come on MSL.

Anything you feel as if we should know about you? Feel free to tell us here!
I'm great with users, I am a hands on type of person. I love all admins. I'm just your average user that has a little more caring and kindness thin other's.

How can we reach you?
Deviantart?: KeilaraXLch
Kik?: None
Any other social media? (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. ect):
Skype: muirixkeilara

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Re: DogBreath's Administration Application

Post by Ghoulish on Thu Apr 09, 2015 3:05 am

Under review :3

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