Moniscar's Administration Application

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Moniscar's Administration Application

Post by +Moniscar+ on Sun Apr 19, 2015 2:51 am

Chat username: Moniscar
Forum username: +Moniscar+
Age: 15

How long have you been apart of chatlands?
Estimated 2 and a half years.

Do you have any administration experience? If yes, please explain where, how long and what your duties were.
Yes, It was a while back and I was beta for around 3 months before the ownership changed.

Do you have any personal strengths?
I am extremely well around people and dealing with problems.

Administration frequently witness their friends breaking rules, about how would you handle this situation?
I would warn them 3 times, if they do not listen and their offence is not serious a kick or ban will be placed.

Do you feel as if you work well with others? Explain.
I feel like I somewhat work well with others, I have been dealing with people for a while so when I a put into situations with people my...way of thinking changes to fit their needs.

Are you currently in school or employed?
I am a high school student along with taking college credit classes.

Why do you feel as if you'd be a fantastic add on to the administration team?
I feel like I'd be okay, not fantastic. I have my flaws, but I can still get the job done.

Anything you feel as if we should know about you? Feel free to tell us here!

How can we reach you?
Deviantart?: Scrivers
Kik?:(If personal you may pm) None
Email?: I'll pm upon request
Any other social media? (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. ect): I'll pm upon request.


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