ART(Art Review Team) Application/Template

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ART(Art Review Team) Application/Template

Post by Ghoulish on Tue Apr 07, 2015 9:32 pm

Do the stars of the night glitter in your eyes? Does every paw step you take emit ray's of different shades similar to the northern lights?
Are the Atka Element's calling your name? If so, take your journey and tell them what they need to know about you?
You may be able to fill the world with your beautiful aura of coloration.

Atka Would Like To Know
What Is Your Alias?(Chatlands Username):
How long have you been An Artist?:
How long have you been in the Chatland Worlds?:
Have you had any experience in being on an ART before?:
How confident do you feel about contributing to Atka?:(Finishing projects requested by administration)
Do you have a DeviantArt? If so, state it, if not, would you be able to create one?
How many years have you lived on this planet?
Do you have a Wolfhome Forum Account? If not can you create one?

How can we reach you?
Kik?:(If personal you may pm)
Any other social media? (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. ect):

About You?
How would you describe your artist senses and yourself?
Do you see yourself majoring in any type of Art degree in the future?
Is there any awards you're proud of today due to your art?
Is there any art piece you're proud to show off? If so, please show!

To fill out the application, create a new topic with "(Chatland Name)'s ART Application)" we will let you know it is under review when we see it.


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