Intro Time

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Intro Time

Post by Ford on Mon Apr 27, 2015 3:10 am

Warning: I suck at introductions. x.x

I'm from Aus, I have an account on dA, and WHF and many of places. I'm shy to start with when you talk to me, but then I just get nutty. XD I am currently hooked on the game Dead Island, and favourite band is Shinedown, uhh.
I do not like sharing anything personal about my life, only that I live in Aus. Age and anything else, I will no reveal.

The forum is looking great. (Though I dislike that 'chat' thing at the top), everything else is awesome! Really nice banner it has and I wish you luck with the chat! =]

Oh on chat, my names are FEZ and Ford.
And I am Alpha on Heitehu.
I draw for fun, really crud at it but it's fun lol.
Umm yep that's all I have... Horrible intro but hey. 8D

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