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admin app for this site

Post by pickachugirl on Sun Apr 26, 2015 8:09 pm

Chat username: SnowWolf1
Forum username: Pickachugirl
Age: 20

How long have you been apart of chatlands?  a year

Do you have any administration experience? If yes, please explain where, how long and what your duties were. no

Do you have any personal strengths? yes i love to help out new users

Administration frequently witness their friends breaking rules, about how would you handle this situation? i would do the same for any user i would check logs and take nessesery actions

Do you feel as if you work well with others? Explain. yes becuse i love to help out

Are you currently in school or employed?  employed

Why do you feel as if you'd be a fantastic add on to the administration team? i am good at making rooms and helping out

Anything you feel as if we should know about you? Feel free to tell us here! no

How can we reach you?
Kik?:(If personal you may pm)
Email?: sweetpaw18 @ gmail .com
Any other social media? (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. ect):

To fill out the application, create a new topic with "(Chatland Name)'s ART Application)" we will let you know it is under review when we see it.


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