TwistedPrezel Administrator Application

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TwistedPrezel Administrator Application

Post by twistedprezel on Tue Apr 14, 2015 3:27 pm

How long have you been apart of chatlands?
For almost 4 years, I believe.

Do you have any administration experience? If yes, please explain where, how long and what your duties were.
Yes, I did once own a chatlands site, but with so much going on in my personal life, and along with my co-owners we were unable to keep it up. Ive been a helper on many sites, and admin aswell, such as Dragon Powers. But when it first started.

Do you have any personal strengths?
Since a lot has happened in my personal life, I can easily prevent fights and help solve problems, and even council members when needed. I also am an artist, so i could offer pose sets and etc.

Administration frequently witness their friends breaking rules, about how would you handle this situation?
I would talk to them privately and tell them how their acting, and state that they have to stop. Though we are friends I made a promise to this site and its my job to make sure everyone is following the rules and everything is moving smoothly.

Do you feel as if you work well with others? Explain.
I do, I grew up with 3 siblings so I know how to stay calm and work with others.

Are you currently in school or employed?
I am in school, I am currently in highschool.

Why do you feel as if you'd be a fantastic add on to the administration team?
Ive had experience, I love to draw so I can help with pose sets and rooms. I also love to help out and work with others so this is a great way to do so.

Anything you feel as if we should know about you? Feel free to tell us here!
I do play sports for school, so I usually will be on around 6:00pm, Eastern Standard time, on week days. Then I am usually free on the weekends unless I go out.

How can we reach you?
Deviantart?: twistedprezel
Kik?: colorful._.chaos
Any other social media? (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. ect):
Skype: whiteclaw88
iMessage: lwylie1st @
Instagram: 7figs_

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