The Guardians Of Atka

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The Guardians Of Atka

Post by Ghoulish on Tue Mar 31, 2015 12:52 am

The Guardians Of Atka

Once a howl is heard in the distance, the creatures of the land of Atka shut their eyes, only for a moment, before two legendary beings appear before their very presence.
The two are labeled The Guardian's.
The first to assure the safety of all creature's and provide them with a home in their new world.
They call them,
Samsung & Ghoulish.

The two have summoned the creatures of the new land to recruit a team of guardians who will help them throughout their journey of exploration.

Do you believe you may be able to join the quest?
Contact Ghoulish over the chatland:
or Kik her: Jasminetheslushy
Or even start a topic in the questions area! We will respond right away!

All help is wanted!

Welcome to the world of Atka



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